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Only high quality spare parts for cars

Wholesale Distribution of Spare Parts in Minsk

A growing number of customers prefer qualified business partners with a wide range of quality goods by wholesale, allowing flexible discount system, credits and many other optional services.

Dezash is such a company. We practice bulk consignments and wholesale supply (small wholesale). Volume difference influences the price setting, but in no way affects the attitude to each customer in capacity of service and order lead time.
The main activity area of Dezash company is wholesale distribution of spare parts. Our strategies are the establishment of the direct business relations with original spare parts manufacturers and constant development of our trading network.
Our web-site helps our customers to do business up to date, creates awareness about any news concerned with our company and wholesale distribution of spare parts. You can find regularly renovated price-lists, news column, contact details using our web-site.

Our qualified professional managers will always help you in order processing using individual approach to each client! We would be glad to be of service to you!

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